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Unique 'Eleven Towns' e-bike-test package

Try out four different electric bicycles on the 'Eleven Cities' Route!

Try out four different electric bicycles on the 'Eleven Cities' Route!

SNEEK (NL) – The travel organisation of the bureau for tourism of Friesland, Friesland Holland Travel, offers e-bike enthusiasts and potential buyers of an electric bicycle the unique opportunity to try out totally different, high-end e-bikes on ‘the Seven’ of the ‘Eleven Towns’ Route.

For two people sharing this new three-day ‘Eleven Towns' hotel + e-bike package, two different e-bikes will be made available for the ‘Eleven Towns’ cycle route Sneek-Langweer-Sloten-Stavoren-Koudum. If you share this package with someone you know, such as a partner or friend, you can switch bicycles during the tour in order to experience different e-bikes.

Two days of test riding and enjoyment
On day 1 the test riders arrive in Sneek where they will sleep in Hotel Amicitia. After the first day of cycling (day 2: Sneek-Koudum) you will stay in Hotel Galamadammen in Koudum. On day 3 you’ll cycle back from Koudum to Sneek. Both hotels are luxury e-bike hotels with four pompeblêden, in other words: four stars. Both overnight stays are on a half board basis which involves a generous breakfast buffet and a top three-course dinner in the evening.

The e-bikes
The following top brands feature: Gazelle, Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Dutch ID and Trek. Because of the longer distances they are equipped with batteries with a higher than average range, as well as bicycle bags. The costs of delivery and rental of the e-bikes, which fall under the actual delivery program of the bike manufacturers, are included in the price of this package, as are the folder with information on the route and the ‘Eleven Cities’ route book and maps. You will not have to schlep around your luggage, nor keep an eye on it while you are visiting attractions, because Friesland Holland takes care of its transport.

Try out four different electric bicycles on the 'Eleven Cities' Route!

The package price includes two overnight stays in a luxury e-bike hotel with a generous breakfast buffet and twice a three-course dinner, tourist tax, luggage transport from hotel to hotel, breakdown service as well as a comprehensive information folder which you’ll receive after booking, or at the start of the tour in your hotel Amicitia in Sneek.

Starting day
In June, July, August and September free choice.

Price and more information: