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Bolsward (Boalsert):

The town of beer, whisky and ‘berenburg’

Leerlooierij van Buren
Leerlooierij Van Buren

Beer and berenburg town Bolsward came into being on two mounds which were connected with each other by the Kerkstraat. In the past business was traded on the southern mound, on the norhtern mound stood among others the Martini church, which is still standing there. She was built between 1446-1466. Together with a number of showpieces from the past this church is very worth seeing.

Once by the sea
In the past Bolsward was still situated by the sea. However, because the Middelzee was silting up, that hasn’t been the case anymore since the 12th century. In the 15th century the little town was admitted in the Hansa Treaty and got its canals and walls in this period. In the 16th century it was even the second town of Friesland with its 3500 inhabitants.
Because Bolsward wasn’t siuated really favourably for the shipping trade, the town was going downhill afterwards. This could be seen by the population, which decreased enormously to 2300 inhabitants. The shipping trade prefered to go over Harlingen. Still Bolsward was always situated on the waterways to the seas. In the 19th century the little town flourished again, partly due to the trade.


Town hall
The magnificent renaissance town hall (ca. 1614) has beautiful ostentatious façades and a high lantern tower on the roof and is decorated with in rococo style. Interesting is that the town hall is designed and built by own masters and craftsmen from Bolsward. By that the little town demonstrated then that it has what it takes.

Frysk Fietsbier
Frysk Fietsbier Bolsward